Joo Nee

Dance: Belly Dance

Joo Nee is the owner of Let’s Dance! Studio. She is the one you seen on NESCAFé® KICK-START™ Season 3, where she dreamt to open her own dance studio. And yes, she is living her dream now. Not forgetting her passion of dancing and despite the commitment of running the studio by herself, she still dedicates herself to conduct Belly Dance classes.

She started dancing at the age of 4 learning Ballet and Jazz. Later, she pick-up Contemporary Dance, Line Dance and eventually Belly Dance. She has travel to Egypt, Bali and Singapore to study belly dance and has learn from many respectable Belly Dance artist such as Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil, the living legend-Morocco, Aziza, Jillina, Sharon Kihara, Kaeshi, Rose, Paola? Nigma and many more.

“If you think of dancing, then think of let’s dance! If you think you CAN dance, then come join let’s dance for performance, if you think you CAN’T dance, then come learn at let’s dance. We cater to everybody & anybody who wants to move their body with the beats of the music…let’s have fun, let’s dance!”

– Joo Nee