We Provide A Wide Variety Of

Dance Classes

Wide range of dance classes

We offer wide range of dance classes with variety of different dance styles: Belly Dance, Street Jazz, Sexy Jazz, Hip Hop, K-pop, Latin & Ballroom and many more…
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Group Dance Classes are cost-effective way to develop your dancing skills and build your repertoire of patterns. In classes with an average student/ teacher ratio of 8:1, students receive plenty of personal attention from our qualified instructors and assistants. In addition, learning to dance in a group will prepare you for success in any social dance environment.

Private Lessons are the fastest, easiest way to achieve your dance goals. Whether preparing for the social dance floor, a special event, or just to brush up on your steps, we work with you to develop a program that fits your needs and suits your pace. During each lesson all of the experience and knowledge of your instructor will be focused on you and you alone!

There are occasions when private dance lessons are more practical than taking a regularly scheduled group class. One-on-one attention is what you need especially if:

  • You are too busy to fit a group class into your crazy schedule.
  • You just want to learn a specific dance style and go at your own pace with a private instructor.
  • You are getting married, going to a wedding or a special event and you need to learn some dance steps to spruce-up your dance moves in a short period of time. See our wedding dance page to plan for your first dance.

For corporate clients, Let’s Dance Studio will send our instructors right to your door step to conduct dance classes of your choice. A variety of dance classes are specifically designed for the needs of working professionals to help improve the quality of life and the total well being of employees. Class time can be arranged according to your convenience.

Let’s Dance Studio would be glad to bring dance to your school or private institutions. We are flexible to personalize the dance classes to matched your In-School curricular programs or even facilitate as part of your school upcoming School Productions, Dance Competitions, School shows etc.

If you need to perform for a private function or need to compete in a dance competition/ talent competition, Let’s Dance Studio is ready to help. We choreograph the dance for you, coach you through the routine, and make sure you dance and perform well for your event! Your success is our pride.

A dance workshop is an intensive dance course conducted by dance experts for a group of people. We might even bring in dance gurus from overseas to conduct workshops. Normally, workshops are 1-3 days events that comprises several 2-3 hours of dance course. We occasionally organize workshops to sharpen your dance moves and broaden your dance knowledge.

Wedding 1st Dance

We know how important your wedding day and we are here for you! From sexy Latin, traditional Waltz, sensual Tango, stylish Foxtrot or swinging Jive, the choice is yours. Our instructors will choreograph a dance that compliments your style and choice of music. Most importantly, we help you to:

  • Look and feel great
  • Enjoy your first dance with confidence
  • Amaze your guest with elegance and grace
  • Have a sweet and memorable wedding dance experience

We will give you everything you need to get off to a great start: help you choose a song, create your dance and teach you to dance, give you the tools you need to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

Schedule a free consultation where we can listen with you and your fiancé to the song that best captures the spirit of your love and begin to choreograph a routine that best suits you. If you have a dance in mind, but not a song we can also help you select a song. During your consultation, we will determine your current ability level and recommend an appropriate course for you to continue.

Surprise Wedding Dance

We know that you wanted an extraordinary Wedding Dance to spice up your Big Day! This is where we come in to create the Evolution of wedding dance – something Surprise and Special to impress your guest.

Our wedding dancers will usher the Bride & Groom down the aisle with customized dance ideas that best suits you and the guest. It can be graceful, funny or crazy depending on your preference. We will draw the picture together during consultation to ensure it is comfortable and appropriate for your wedding.

For this Surprise Wedding Dance, couple can opt to play the main lead, participate just a little or just make your grand entrance as a happily married couple and let our wedding dancers handle the rest!

To plan your wedding dance, contact us today!

Either Wedding 1st Dance or Surprise Wedding Dance, we recommend you to contact us at least 12 weeks before you would like your consultation, to ensure lesson time and availability. When you contact the studio regarding your wedding dance, please let us know the following:

  • your phone/mobile number
  • your music selection, if you have chosen one – if you haven’t, then what type of music you are thinking of using
  • if you and your partner are beginner dancers or if you have some dance experience already
  • any day(s) and time of the week from Monday-Sunday on which you definitely cannot have lessons
  • the earliest time you can be at our studio to start your 1st lesson