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Dance Styles

Aero Dance is an exciting, healthy, safe and motivating way to get in shape and stay fit. Aero Dance steps are actually a blend of distinctive dance forms like jazz, disco, hip hop etc. It can be enjoyed by all age group, both men and women.

Ballroom dance refers collectively to a set of partner dances, which originated in the Western world and are now enjoyed both socially and competitively around the globe.

The term “ballroom dancing” is derived from the world “ball”, which in turn originates from the Latin word “ballare” which means “to dance”. In times past, ballroom dancing was “social dancing” for the privileged, leaving “folk dancing” for the lower classes. These boundaries have since disappeared and it is now a dance enjoyed by many regardless of their social standings.

Belly Dancing is a sensual ‘body talking’ dance. Belly dancers internalize and express the emotions evoked by the music. The most admired belly dancers are those who can best project their emotions through dance, even if their dance is made up of simple movements. The dancer’s goal is to visually communicate to the audience the emotion and rhythm of the music.

The benefits of belly dance are both mental and physical. It emphasizes on abdominal muscles, hip moves, and chest moves. It is firm and earthy, with bare feet connected to the ground. It is a dance characterized by smooth, flowing, complex, and sensual movements of the upper body, alternated with shaking and shimmy type moves. Belly dance is suitable for all ages and body types.

Belly dance gives you the opportunity to gain self confidence, explore the many unique techniques of your personality, escape from your everyday life an discover the rare beauty of your body. It is gaining popularity among men and women who want to lose weight.

Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. It’s a combination of classical Indian dance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes has a Latino and Arabic influence. It’s fun and very expressive and there’s a lot of deep meaning behind the music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body.

Break dance is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement that originated among African American youths in New York City in early 1970s. B-boying was a positive way for the youth to express them self through music instead of violence. The dance consists of Top rocks – the upright dance form, 2nd Footwork – the dance on the floor, 3rd Power moves- the dynamic movement, and finally The freeze. B-boying is not just a dance it is also a culture and a lifestyle that is very important to the elements of real Hip Hop.

Since its inception, break dancing has provided a youth culture constructive alternative to violent urban street gangs. Today, break dancing culture is a remarkable discipline somewhere in between those of dancers and athletes. Since acceptance and involvement of dance skills, break dancing culture is free from the common race, gender and age boundaries of a subculture that has been accepted worldwide.

Broadway began in the 1900s. The very first Broadway musical, opened to a curious crowd discovering the interesting fusion of ballet with dramatic acting. Bob Fosse revolutionized Broadway dance history by creating unconventional movements and creatively using body parts in ways never attempted before.

Today the Fosse style is most easily recognized by his immortal usage of props – canes, top hats, and gloves. Broadway dance is continually being written as up and coming choreographers follow in the footsteps of past greats, creating and discovering new styles for an old favourite. The class will incorporate various props to create fun and exciting Broadway dance numbers.

Inspired by the US blockbuster movie “Burlesque”-starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. Let’s dance incorporated “tease” into tasteful dance moves- Let’s Burlesque! Bear in mind that Burlesque encompasses so much more than just stripping. A burlesque dancer rarely strips down to less than a g-string and pasties, and traditional Burlesque was also not limited to just women. Besides, a very good burlesque dancer may remove not more than a glove or stocking.   

Our burlesque dance class is geared toward fun and easy moves to get you fit and fine. You’ll learn the art of the strut, bump, grind, and shimmy. How to flirt with a boa, peel a glove with fierceness, twirl tassels in every direction, and more! Burlesque dance will help one boost confidence and improve body coordination.  Join with friends as a fun way to begin your ladies nights in town!

Years ago, slaves in Brazil created a certain kind of dance and music which they called Capoeira. In fact through their dance, they hide and train a powerful martial art to fight and surround their oppressors. Nowadays, Capoeira became a famous martial art where people dance a game of fight while other are singing and playing rhythms of Capoeira. Capoeirists meet all around the world to play and exchange their skills.

Most of us don’t want to be professional dancers, but we do want to be able to enjoy ourselves and not feel embarrassed when we’re around people dancing.

Club Dance is the easiest night club moves to learn that look good. These moves were chosen specifically because they are fun and easy to learn even without ANY dance experience. They do NOT involve complex choreography that you have to memorize.

Just simple, fun, sexy moves that you can bust out anytime you want. Stop feeling left out and join the fun! You can use these moves anytime at Bars, Clubs, Weddings, and Parties.

Gain the confidence to get over that self consciousness about looking silly not knowing what you’re doing. You’ll finally be able to enjoy going out and dancing, instead of holding your drink watching everyone else have all the fun.

Contemporary Dance is a collection of systems and methods developed from Modern and Post-modern dance, thus it is not a specific dance technique. European, American and Asian contemporary dance differ from each other in a number of ways, including techniques, training styles etc.

Given its post-modern lineage, Contemporary Dance takes on many forms including dance fusion, emergent dance and revisionism. Contemporary Dance as a field is more concerned with examining the choreographic and performing process and is still in the path of developing philosophies of movement based on study of the human body and body/mind inter-relationships.

The dance incorporates moves from a combination of Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Belly, Latin etc… So for those of you who want to fuse your moves together than this is the class for you!

Freestyle dancing can apply to numerous dance types and can be defined as any style of dance where the moves are not thought out ahead and where no choreography of the moves occurs before the dance begins. It is literally thinking on your feet in this sense, and freestyle dancing can exist in almost all dance forms.

Even though freestyle dancing implies freedom, most dancers are still going to keep themselves within a particular style of dancing. A hip hop dancer who freestyles uses recognizable hip hop moves, and perhaps a few he or she has made up.

In this class, we teach freestyle dancing in the form of modern hip hop moves. In freestyle dancing, you are your only limitation, do what you want to move your entire body to complement the music. Connect with the music, connect with the crowd, have confidence and just move your body.

Girl Style dance is a more feminine interpretive version of dance while incorporating various movements in the genre of street dance. Girl Style demonstrates not only the sexiness, but also focuses on muscle flexibility, rhythm interpretation and dancer’s attitude.

Vogue Dancing is a modern house dance that evolved out of the Harlem ballroom scene in the 1980s. Vogue is characterized by model – like poses with angular, linear, and rigid arm, leg, and body movements.

Hip Hop is a creative form of street dance that consists of various fast paced choreographed routines. It helps build strength, stamina, coordination, and muscle memory. It is a very fun and energetic dance that has become very popular now in music videos, movies and many other types of performances.

In the 1990s, as hip hop music evolved, it got slower, heavier and more aggressive. This modern hip hop music has given birth to new styles of hip hop dancing, many of them focusing on upright dancing as opposed to break dancing which is better known for its floor-oriented movements. Many of the newer styles are a common sight in today’s music videos on television channels such as MTV.

Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop Dance is fierce, is powerful, is sensual and is a diva-like dance style. It takes elements from Hip Hop and Jazz-Funk. This genre of dance gives you the chance to release sassiness and dance fiercely. Step and groove to your favourite Hip-Hop and R‘n’B artists.

Passionate about Korean pop culture? Here’s your chance to learn the coolest Korean dance moves in town. We’ll be bringing hot new music and new dances to keep you excited when you dance to the likes of TVXQ, Super Junior, SS501, Big Bang, SHINee and Wonder Girls.

It is important that kids are exposed to dance at a young age to help them learn basic foundations in dance. Dance provides kids with the opportunity to develop body and mind coordination, as well as physical conditioning for a healthy body. Creativity can be incorporated in dance activities to help them unleash their creativity in an enjoyable way.

In class, kids learn good listening skills, proper classroom etiquette, and how to move safely with other children, as well as learning respect and tolerance for others. This creates a sense of predictability as well as a safe place for the younger child to learn cooperation, increase self-esteem, and attain a sense of accomplishment.

Latin dances consist of the following five dances – Cha cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive.

Compared to typical ballroom dances, Latin dances are generally faster-paced, more sensual and have more rhythmic expression. Time is 4/4 straight rhythm or related. Couples in the basic position stand face-to-face. Music may be Latin American traditional or contemporary popular music.

Line dance is a formation dance in which a group of people dance in one or more lines, executing the same movements. In this parallel line formation, the dancers dance in a synchronized manner, but independently of each other. Line dancing today has changed, with the main bulk of the dancing done in pop music. It has created a renewed interest for people of all ages.

MTV Dance class offers the opportunity to learn the most popular music videos’ dance moves. Every single music video will have their own styles and their own dance moves. At the moment a lot of the popular moves are coming from street dance and commercial jazz. However, don’t forget you also see ballet, contemporary, African dance, belly dance, salsa, ballroom and loads of other dance styles in music videos as well. So, just have fun and enjoy every single style!

Popping is one of the original funk styles of dance that came out of Fresno, CA in the 1970s. It is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer’s body, referred to as a pop, tick or a hit. This is done continuously to the rhythm of a song in combination with various movements and poses. A popping dancer is commonly referred to as a popper.

Locking is a style of dance that originated in LA in the late 60s. It is distinctive for its very distinct stops, however these are complete stops in motion rather than contraction and relaxation of the muscles like in popping. It is generally more relaxed and movements are looser than those utilized in popping. Locking is typically danced to funk music.

Salsa is a combination of vibrant and smooth rhythmic movements. It is danced to different types of lively and vigorous Latin beats. It’s very essential part of the Latin culture and originated from African, Caribbean and Spanish regions. The word is the same as the Spanish word salsa meaning sauce. It is associated with the words HOT & SPICY.

Sexy Jazz is doing jazz dance steps with sexy movements. The first step to sexy jazz is to connect with your body. Whatever you feel like doing, DO IT! After you let your body go, is to connect yourself with the music. Different music will make you want to do different things. LET IT! Do not inhibit your movement at all. Don’t fight it. Let go and move with the music, not against it.

Street Jazz is the most popular form of modern dance. It took the traditional Jazz/freestyle dance and then funked it up! What you see on most pop videos are Street Jazz. Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce all now use Street Dance in their performances.

A unique style, yoga dance transcends the traditional boundaries of yoga to incorporate the flowing movements of dance. Feel more alive and creative. Yoga dance classes designed to strengthen, tone and increase energy levels and flexibility.

The class begins with a warm- up focusing on classic yoga postures which are then choreographed into a yoga dance routine. It concludes with a guided relaxation designed to leave you feeling invigorated, light and open in mind, body and spirit. An inspiring selection of music, from soothing rhythms to funky beats, helps set the mood. Yoga dance literally takes yoga off the mat.